Professional Sewer Inspection in Parker, CO

Your sewer is a vital component of your home. As such, it’s essential to get the sewer lines scoped to make sure they’re in good shape. At 5 Star Home Inspections, we aim to determine your property’s sewer line condition and discover if the system is functioning as designed. With our years of experience, we’ve learned that not many property owners know how to identify that their sewers are faulty. At 5 Star Home Inspections, we’ve got you covered!

We recommend our sewer inspection for all homeowners, especially for first-time buyers looking to buy older homes. Whether you’re looking for a new home or your house is more than 20 years old, we’re your local sewer inspection company in Parker, CO!

What to Expect From Our Sewer Inspection?

At 5 Star Home Inspections, we make a thorough sewer inspection of your property. Depending on your property’s size, the inspection can take up to one hour to complete. Our sewer inspection includes a video of the sewer line and a report, and a detailed explanation of the findings. Our sewer inspector will insert a sewer inspection camera into the sewer line through the sewer cleanout or a toilet.

We will inspect from the cleanout to the city connection during our sewer inspection if we don’t encounter any obstructions. However, if we find problems, we will accurately pinpoint the location and depth of the trouble area marking it on the ground surface.

Our primary motivation is your protection. This is why we are a neutral third-party inspection company; we do not offer repairs, nor do we receive referral fees from repair companies.

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If you’re wondering if your property’s sewer line is in good condition, you should get our professional inspection in Parker, CO, today! Rely on our sewer inspectors to identify if your sewer line is in its best shape or about any existing obstructions. Request more information by calling (720) 708-7015. Our inspectors will be happy to assist you with a detailed and informative inspection.

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