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Protecting your family at all times is an endless task. Radon is a radioactive gas that can enter your home through minor cracks and holes. This gas can impact you and your family’s health over time. At 5 Star Home Inspections, we offer radon testing services that inform you if your house is exposed to elevated radon levels. Colorado is a higher concentration area; therefore, this represents a higher chance of radon exposure.

At 5 Star Home Inspections, we can’t stress enough the importance of getting radon testing service if you live in Parker, CO.

Get Radon Testing to Protect Your Health

Any home can trap radon inside, causing elevated exposure. To identify that, you can work with our certified inspectors to do a radon test. Our company works with top-leading equipment that gives accurate results. We use a radon testing machine that stays in your basement for 48 hours, allowing it to provide the average radon reading over this time. Once we get the results, if the radon level is 4.0 or above, it’s recommended to get a radon mediation system installed. We can suggest and guide you every step of the way, trust in us to be your ally to protect your family’s health.

Make Sure Your Home Is Protected

The only way to know if your home is exposed to radon is through a radon inspection. Count on us to be professional and knowledgeable in our inspection. We will monitor your home and detect the radon levels. Get in touch with us at 720-708-7015 and schedule your radon testing today!

We offer our radon services in Parker, CO, and the surrounding areas.

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